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911-10 years later
    I remember that day. I was 8 years old, in second grade. My daddy was active duty in the Army. I didn't really realize what was happening, why we were being sent home early... I just knew something was very wrong. I was smiling still when I got home until I saw the look on my mama's face. Pure shock. I watched the towers fall in real-time. I still couldn't believe anyone could kill the hundreds upon thousands of people in cold blood.
    My daddy could've been in the Pentagon when it was hit on any assignment. He could have been like the rest who weren't so lucky. The times he went to the Middle East fighting in Operation: Desert Storm or checking on troops, he was risking his life for Americans. For the very people that took him for granted.
    This is why I take it very personally when people say they hate America or the military, or even not saying the pledge. You are slapping a serviceman or woman in the face for ever
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Smoky Mtns, TN by xxbutterfly-94xx Smoky Mtns, TN :iconxxbutterfly-94xx:xxbutterfly-94xx 0 0 Fall off the edge by xxbutterfly-94xx Fall off the edge :iconxxbutterfly-94xx:xxbutterfly-94xx 2 0 Feet. Hee-hee. by xxbutterfly-94xx Feet. Hee-hee. :iconxxbutterfly-94xx:xxbutterfly-94xx 4 0 Clock tower in Cleveland, TN by xxbutterfly-94xx Clock tower in Cleveland, TN :iconxxbutterfly-94xx:xxbutterfly-94xx 0 0 Me... by xxbutterfly-94xx Me... :iconxxbutterfly-94xx:xxbutterfly-94xx 0 2 10 Years Ago Today by xxbutterfly-94xx 10 Years Ago Today :iconxxbutterfly-94xx:xxbutterfly-94xx 2 0 Harvest by xxbutterfly-94xx Harvest :iconxxbutterfly-94xx:xxbutterfly-94xx 1 0 Delicate Ballerina by xxbutterfly-94xx Delicate Ballerina :iconxxbutterfly-94xx:xxbutterfly-94xx 0 3
My Final Moments
My Final Moments
        In my final moments... I hear you... begging, pleading me to never leave you. I wish I didn’t have to. I want to force my eyes open and wake from the comatose that shuts them. Then I hear you talk about the crash. I remember it far too well. The blood, the pain, and you... screaming for me. The pipe that impaled me. You say they removed it.
And yet I feel it still. Oh LORD above, let me wake up! I cannot live without him... but I won’t have to... he is not dying. I am. With all the strength that is left in me, I whisper “I love you”. And then it is over. I even feel my soul leave me. No more tears, no more pain, no more... no more...
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Going Under
Going Under
       *Now I will tell you what I’ve done for you*
She glowered down at the picture of her ex-boyfriend. How she wanted to scream. Another... yes another tear fell upon the picture.
*50 thousand tears I’ve cried*
She threw herself against the bed and SCREAMED.
*Screaming, deceiving and bleeding for you*
Images flashed, his face haunted.... and oh how many tears she hid from him.
*And you still won’t hear me*
The familiar feeling.... falling forever, sinking and falling...
*Going under*
She had to get by without him now.
*Don’t want your hand this time - I’ll save myself*
It was a living nightmare she couldn’t wake up from... she couldn’t wake up.
*Maybe I’ll wake up for once*
All that he was putting her through... was torture.
*Tormented daily, defeated by you*
She fell off her bed... purposely. She thought that she already had felt the worst pain. She was wrong.
*Just when I thought I’d reache
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In Remembrance
In Remembrance: ending
“Lux Aeterna...”
His fingers brushed the stone of her grave lightly. Cold. She was always so warm and gentle, but now all that surrounded her was cold and monumental- gravestones and sculpted angels. It seemed so wrong. He couldn’t bring himself to believe that the solemn mausoleum carried her frail, lifeless body, which now lay in cold repose.
It had been hours after the burial, but he hadn’t left her side. A tear fell on the grave as he whispered: “Dearest...” a sob shook his frame. “...My heart is shattered, broken beyond repair, and all I can think of is you... I cannot let go of what could have- should have been.Us. I positively despise my very soul for not telling you before it was too late... and now I shall suffer forever with my cowardice and ignorance... darling. Dearest love. I shall tell you, though death has closed your ears...” he laid a black rose at the foot of her grave. “My love... I need you. I miss
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"She had a lively, playful disposition which delighted in anything ridiculous." - Jane Austen
Even when it seems impossible.


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